Welcome Shippers’ Choice Alumni!

Shippers’ Choice is happy to offer this new job hunting experience to its past program attendees. Whether you actively need a job or are just thinking about switching things up, see what we have to offer here. We have a great selection of dedicated, local, and OTR jobs all across the country. As time goes on we will continue to add new jobs and partnerships, starting with truck driving companies right here in Virginia. You can find links to us from the Shippers’ Choice website as well, through the Job Placement page.

Check out the site using the navigation above, register a user account, and start applying for truck driving jobs!


Current features include:

  • browse jobs with an easy to use map
  • 5 minute resume/applications
  • employers can browse your resume and contact you to offer you a job
  • set alerts and receive weekly updates with new jobs that fit your criteria
  • bookmark jobs so that you can come back later

Features coming soon:

  • internal private messaging system for employers and candidates
  • sponsored job listings to ensure only the highest quality jobs
  • user profile customization with profile pictures, cover photos, and more!
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