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Employment opportunity for CDL Truck Driving, Warehouse & Driving Jobs,  Ireland WV

CDL Truck Driving Jobs :

With over 220,000 available CDL jobs and truck driving Jobs, there’s never been a better time to enter the cdl truck driving industry.  Truck driving jobs and CDL jobs are in massive demand all across the country and they need experienced cdl truck drivers in order to fill them. Demand likely isn’t going away any time soon, so a truck driving job will provide the salary, benefits and the job security you need to have a successful career.

Warehouse Jobs:

Currently, there are more labor jobs than there are labors. As the need for cdl truck drivers grow so does the need for the labor force to supply warehouse workers. Warehouse workers are becoming in high demand in 2019 as most warehouses are short staff. Warehousing workers are relatively more experienced than retail workers, for example, in moving objects, operating machinery. This is a great place to start to understand what is required to become a cdl truck driver. Loading and unloading trailers is a great experience to learn how to properly load a trailer properly. Most warehouse jobs require no experience in the labor market.

Driving Jobs:

Hourly and Contract driving jobs are in very large demand. As much as cdl truck drivers. Typical most driving jobs are used for delivering packages to home. Package delivery to homes average pay is around $13.96 a hour according to payscale dot com. Whether it’s a food delivery service or a warehouse delivering for a warehouse or local store. Some pay on a commission base plus tips and others will pay by the hour. You can even do this on a part-time base for extra income. This is a great way to make extra cash when times are tough. Let’s not forget about the driving jobs for the taxi app service. As this position might not be for everyone and some stories of low compensation has been posted on the web. You should always ask the questions once you have an interview opportunity.


An article for CDL Truck Drivers:

7 Things to Look For in a CDL Truck Driving School…
  1. How Long has the CDL Truck Driving School been in Business?

How long a cdl truck driving school has been in business is a good indicator. CDL schools pop up all the time in the form of small mom-and-pop operations with two trucks and a trailer for an office. These operations are interested in only one thing, taking your money. They have no track record with the State Licensing Agency. They have no history of graduation rates for you to examine. They have no relationships with the major trucking companies. And most importantly, they can’t offer placement assistance should you lose your first job.

  1. What Is Their CDL Track Record?

Does the school give you info about its graduation completion percentage and employment numbers and percentages?

  1. Does The CDL Truck Driver School Provide Job Placement Assistance?

Do they have full-time employees who help find you a job? Many schools offer only training and then throw you to the wolves to find your own job.

  1. Do They Have A creatable CDL Truck Driving employment placement Website?

Is the website useful to you? Do they provide you with all the information you need to evaluate them and to make an informed decision? Does their website answer YOUR questions about the cdl truck driving industry? If not, they are most likely either a small-time operation or a fly-by-night scam. If they do have a website, is it just nice and flashy? Does it actually provide you with their contact information, who they train for, and cdl truck driving job placement assistance?

  1. Is it a contract cdl truck driving course?

Does the cdl school train for all major carriers and then place you in a employment contract? Some truck driving schools don’t advertise themselves as contract trainers.  These schools simply train for a pre-hired position with that company.  If it’s not a contract training school, they will have all cdl companies offering you positions.  Depending on your circumstances should determine whether you go to a school or a pre-hired position.

  1. Are They A 3rd Party CDL Tester?

Some states allow a truck driving school to employ their own cdl testers on-site. Other states restrict CDL testing to only state facilities. If 3rd party cdl testing is allowed in your state, does the school offer 3rd party cdl testing on-site? Only the very best truck driving school is allowed by state governments to maintain cdl 3rd party testing due to the large amount of documentation and regulation necessary. If a school isn’t a licensed cdl 3rd party tester, you may find delays waiting in line with the graduates of all the other cdl truck driving schools to take the CDL exam at a state facility, and you will end up waiting to start your new job.

  1. What Is The Ratio Of Students To Instructors?

A student ratio that’s too high means you won’t get the hands-on cdl truck driving time and one-on-one instruction you need to become a skilled and competent truck driver.

If you would like more information on Free CDL truck driving schools, freecdlschools.com is a great place to check out to learn about new opportunities.

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